Printer Management Technology (MPS Monitor)

A data collection agent for remote management and auto-fulfillment, effectively cutting out all the middlemen that currently add cost to your routine office products and supplies purchases.

  • Bypass traditional distribution systems
  • Maximize value
  • No set-up fees, contracts, or obligation.
  • Real-time view into the status of all of your printers.

DCA Article

Power E-Commerce

Powerful Sales Platform

Our gateway to your most comprehensive product selection.

  • Our data feed contains up to 100,000 unique office products. We have the ultimate flexibility in vendor selection and customized automation for order processing, providing you with the best products at the best value.
  • Because we have real-time visibility to the inventory to each of the 100+ Distribution Centers connected to the platform we no longer have to carry inventory of any of the products we offer for sale. Not only does this save us inventory carrying costs and risk of obsolescence (reducing our cost) it also means we have access to a far wider product selection.

Distribution Network

Extensive Distribution Network

Our products are available through 100+ North American distribution centers. Continuous data feeds update inventory status at each location, so you can expect your orders to be shipped and delivered quickly from the most cost-effective location.

  • Office products superstores can’t match our offering of 100,000+ different products that we can tailor to your needs.
  • Typical consumer buying habits have changed and purchasing and fulfillment via online transactions have become the norm.
  • 45% of DepotMax and Staples combined sales are conducted online!
  • Purchasing from a brick and mortar superstore means restricted choice and higher prices due to overhead and distribution expenses.
  • We have the nation covered with 1-2 day delivery lead-times.