Channel Expertise

Information technology and widescale access to that technology is changing the way we conduct our life both at home and in the office. A convergence is taking place between what we are required to do every day and how we go about doing it. Software is designed to make us more efficient which reduces cost. Reduced cost not only can lead to increased profits but also improves the competitive position when bidding for new business. As the world transforms from analog to digital successful companies must also transform from analog to digital. This requires the strategic implementation of software and services designed to transform a business into the digital age.

Document Challenges:

  • The cost of unnecessary printing
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Regulatory compliance requirements
  • Lack of control over what's printed
  • Slow paper oriented workflows
  • Waste
  • Filing space requirements
  • Document retrieval resources
  • Mobile printing & the mobile workforce

Technology Challenges:

  • Hardware support
  • Network reliability, capacity, and support
  • Software implementation and support
  • Information Technology support
  • Business continuity plans
  • Cloud services integration
  • Data security
  • Implications of mobile and workforce mobility 

As you consider all the different choices available to you for meeting the needs of your office, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the impact of technology in the modern workplace and the application of that experience into a wide variety of verticals.

Our Channel Expertise

We help Commercial Printers Prosper with Award-Winning Products and Services.

We understand your business is unique. Not only do you need the right technology to do the job, you also need professional and responsive service to keep you up and running. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s most recognized names in the print-for-pay arena and we back up every product we sell with technicians that have over 20-years tenure on average.

Simply put, we know downtime costs you money and that’s why we are proud to support all of our print-for-pay and in-plant printing facilities with people that specialize in the technology you need to win more work and grow your bottom line.

From input to throughput to output, our exclusive combination of digital press technologies now rivals offset quality and performance results for most run lengths and applications. Plus, we give you access to the latest suite of digital front end (DFE) technology to simplify the way you source files and manage your cue to hit tight deadlines.

In addition to the products and support, we also provide professional services designed specifically for commercial printers to expand their awareness of the latest industry trends, best practices and application opportunities.

Expand your potential as our customer with value-added services to make your business prosper. Together we can help you optimize your current print and technology related expenses to drive more pages and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

The Energy Sector is a vital part of the economy!

Here at Default Company we've been selling our products into the energy sector virtually since the day we started our business. We understand the people in the industry and we understand their requirements and needs to keep their offices running smoothly.