Frequently Asked Questions

We have combined the product catalogs of a wide range of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors into a single portal. Currently, this provides our customers with access to more than one million items and is a product portfolio we expect to continue to expand. The platform is connected to more than 100 distribution centers across the United States and provides instant visibility about what products are available in what locations.

Unlike other large online competitors, we have not had to invest excessive capital into inventory or real estate to support a vast product line. Instead, we have invested in technology to leverage the assets already established by our supplier partners. Leveraging technology instead of real estate and inventory and combining this technology with our local presence means we can compete effectively with the online giants while also providing world-class customer service and support with a personal touch.

Yes. We stock inventory on the most popular items and for the ones we don’t we are placing supply orders with our vendors throughout the day. In most cases, these orders are delivered to our main distribution center overnight. We then operate a fleet of trucks to cover our local market with daily routing schedules on the most popular routes.

This is one of our key differentiators. Most business customers don’t want their employees spending their time researching products and pricing and never being quite sure the right product and the best price have been identified before a purchasing decision is made. We have decades of reseller experience and will map the products you purchase from us into the mobile App. While you will always have access to browse our full catalog, to make things easier for day-to-day requirements, you can scan a QR code and order directly from the App.

The App supports budget control and/or spending management all the way down to the individual user level.

Yes. We see this as a critical differentiator and a fundamental requirement for supporting our customers. We expect the hybrid work environment (mix of corporate and home office) to be part of the long-term work environment and therefore expect remote deliveries to be a key part of our logistics support.

Using a DCA will allow you to identify both hard and soft cost-saving opportunities. Print fleets can be right-sized and optimized, reducing capital expenditures, sending print jobs to the most economical devices, and maximizing the supply output yields. Supply closets can be eliminated, thereby removing the risk of print supply obsolescence. Implementing the DCA and leveraging automation will also free up administrative staff time.

No! There is no cost to you, and there are no contractual obligations.

No, it is a simple install wizard. Click the link we provide to download the executable file and follow the steps to install the monitor.

The DCA software cannot write to your network. It can only read a defined data set from printer and copier devices. This data is encrypted to satisfy military and HIPPA grade requirements. Most printer hardware already includes an embedded DCA that reports back to the original manufacturer. Our DCA does nothing different from the embedded DCA installed by the manufacturer.

No problem. You are always in control of the software on your network. If you want to uninstall, then you uninstall. You do not have to ask for our permission, and it is not necessary for us to be involved with the uninstall.

It is preferable to install the software on a desktop or server that remains on-premise and connected to the company network. The software can be installed on a networked laptop, but if that laptop is not connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) while the owner is traveling (for example), then the monitor will not gather data while the device is off-network.

No, the DCA will look back to the unmonitored period and recover the missing data. However, extended offline periods can lead to printer downtime resulting from a missed maintenance or consumables alert.

The software scans your network, and every print or copier device on the network will be automatically identified. Over an initial 30 days or so of continuous monitoring, usage information is gathered, and a set of proprietary algorithms calculate the expected days until consumables replacement is required. These algorithms continually fine-tune the expected “days-until-out” projection based on usage.

By allowing us to attach QR labels to each device, associating each device with an email (user), and by recording the physical location of each machine into the asset database.

Because this will allow us to maximize your savings. We will map each device to the optimum set of consumables, and we will establish 2CLIXZ user accounts for each of the device “owners.” This enables authorized users to receive relevant notifications about the device and/or scan a QR code to efficiently report an issue and/or order consumables without wasting any time.

No. We can do business however you prefer. Our mission is to eliminate time-wasting friction points that traditionally frustrate users. If you prefer that we send you a notification with a link for ordering consumables, then we can do that. If you prefer an automated fulfillment program, then that’s what we will set up. If you prefer consolidated monthly billing for transactions, then that’s what we will do. Finally, if you want cost-per-page billing, then we support that too.

We support electronic monitoring of all networked devices. Alerts are generated, and Artificial Intelligence is utilized to anticipate future problems. We are then empowered to make intelligent maintenance decisions to keep your printer and copier fleet healthy and avoid costly downtime.

Yes. We have national coverage with a wide range of OEM-certified repair technicians.

Preferably by scanning the QR label attached to the device and raising the ticket in our 2CLIXZ mobile App. Alternatively, you can complete a form on our website or just call us.

Yes. Our service & repair ticketing system is fully integrated with augmented reality software that allows us to provide real-time “self-help” services and/or higher levels of remote support to an on-site service technician. This enables us to provide the highest first-time fix rates and minimize expenses by avoiding unnecessary site visits.

Yes. Scan the QR code, and the ink and toner levels will be displayed in the 2CLIXZ mobile App.

Yes. We will send an alert when ink, toner, or other consumables need to be ordered. You may order directly from the mobile App at contracted prices with fully enabled budget control.

If there is already a service ticket or consumables order placed, scanning the QR code will alert the user to pre-existing requests and prevent the creation of costly duplicates.

You can if you want, but we can eliminate the need for you to carry an inventory of ink or toner for your print devices and eliminate the risk of supplies obsolescence.

Yes. If that is what you prefer and it makes sense based on your equipment and throughput volumes, that is what we will offer and support.

We hope to enter a business arrangement without you investing your time or incurring the expense and friction usually associated with multi-year legal agreements. However, if that is the path you prefer, we are fully prepared and capable of supporting it.

The user (or designee) will be contacted during business hours within 60 minutes of submitting a service or repair ticket. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will have a technician on-site within one business day.

That is up to you. We recommend the broader the asset base that’s included, the more value you will get out of the asset management system. The scope is unlimited, from delivery trucks to desks, to coffee machines, etc.

The system eliminates all the friction points normally associated with asset tracking, maintenance, service or repair, and warranty status. Who to call, how to submit the ticket, etc., are all efficiently resolved.

We provide and/or attach QR labels to your assets and associate each QR label with a unique asset ID such as a serial number. We then record asset details, such as location, “owner” (user), service provider, warranty conditions, extended service contract provider, etc.

The authorized user scans the QR label and creates the ticket. The service provider is notified immediately.

Yes. That is a key part of the value proposition. Remote working and the hybrid work environment are here to stay, and additional tools are necessary to help manage them.

We recommend starting with the installation of the Printer Management DCA. This will automatically identify all your networked printer and copier assets and serve to kickstart the asset management setup process.

Yes. Once the DCA is installed, and your printer and copier assets have been electronically identified, we will stop by your offices and map your assets into the system database. At the end of the process, your assets will be recorded, associated with their users and email addresses, and mapped to the relevant service providers for service ticketing and consumables management.

That depends. We will discuss with you how the setup costs can be absorbed into an agreement to provide you with products and services available from our portfolio.