Providing technology designed for the post-COVID business environment

Printer Management Technology

A data collection agent for remote management and auto-fulfillment, effectively cutting out all the middlemen that currently add cost to your routine office products and supplies purchases.

  • Bypass traditional distribution systems.
  • Maximize value.
  • No set-up fees, contracts, or obligation.
  • Real-time view into the status of all of your printers.

Simple to install with military-grade security providing one-way printer data transmission to populate your dashboard. Start benefiting from business intelligence designed for managing the total cost of ownership on all your printer and copier assets.

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Printer Management Technology

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks

If your business is operating like most others these days, you have probably allowed employees more flexibility to work from home.

  • Employees must access company-sensitive information from remote locations.
  • Ensuring productivity alongside state-of-the-art data security has become paramount.
  • Hackers continue to become more sophisticated and focus their efforts on vulnerable technophobes.
  • Unwitting employees are likely to provide hackers the access they need to damage your business.

Virtual Private Networks are simple to set up, inexpensive to maintain and effective in terms of providing remote workers with secure access to company sensitive information.

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2CLIXZ Mobile App

An App designed for the emerging post-COVID workplace supporting friction-free communications regardless of the employee's physical location.

  • Asset management.
  • Integrated service and repair ticketing.
  • Integrated supplies management.
  • Budget control.

COVID accelerated the trend for remote working and simultaneously introduced new challenges for cost management and effective communications. The 2CLIXZ App places your business firmly within the mobile ecosystem and is built for emerging work practices suited to the 2020s and beyond.

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