Why do you need to implement Document Management & Business Process Software?

Printing documents is expensive. Not only must you invest in a printer or copier, but you must also then buy the paper, the ink or toner, and other supplies to keep it running. But, that’s only part of the story! All the paper that’s printed must be stored (filed) somewhere. It takes time (costs money) to file it. Worse still, it takes time (costs more money) to retrieve it whenever it’s needed.

Did you know?

  • The average time spent looking for a document is 18 minutes.
  • Up to 5% of a company’s files are lost.
  • Paper volume typically doubles every 3 years, so your filing systems are forced to keep pace.

Paper moves slowly through the business approval process and there’s always a bottleneck somewhere – vacations, travel, etc., that delay approval.

Replace those stacks of paper and eliminate all that wasted time searching for important documents with electronic document management systems.

Document Management Software

What does Document Management Software do?

Stores all documents in a central repository

  • Organized
  • Searchable
  • Indexed
  • Accessible
  • Integrated to CRM & ERP

Control over documents, permissions, audit trail.

Version Control and online collaboration.

When combined with business process software, document management can automate almost any business process. Documents are “born” digital and never need to be printed, instead routed for approvals electronically.

Paper documents entering your business can be digitized and then routed electronically.

The Smart Office is the Connected Office where employees have access to the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they’re located.

Document Business Process Software

What does Business Process Software do?

Removing paper forms from your business makes it run faster.

  • Web Forms – eliminate pre-printed forms
  • Process Automation
  • Workflows
  • Substitution rules, reminders, and escalations
  • Fax Solutions and Virtual Fax Service
  • Fax from the desktop or from a copier
  • Document Locator
  • Faster & more efficient
  • Automate complex workflows
  • Document compliance, security, privacy and retention
  • Consistent, repeatable processes
  • Simple processes like PO approval
  • Complex processes like Quality Programs and Engineering Change Orders
  • All actions logged for Complete Audit Trail


  • Automated business processes: optimization, repeatable, measurable & secure.
  • Standardized processes: process definition and compliance.
  • Improved collaboration: automation of task routes.
  • Improved accountability: secure audit trail and visibility to workflow history.


  • Compliance: control over important business processes ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance.
  • Workgroup collaboration: team member and assigned task completion.
  • Business Accounting: standardize and automate purchase order and payment approval processes.
  • Production Information Management: improve efficiency and reduce cycle times with workflows for engineering change orders, quality management systems, etc.

Why it’s more important today and will be even more important tomorrow:

According to the IDC, nearly 75% of the American workforce is mobile and the trend toward remote working is continuing to increase. By 2020 over 105 million workers will operate out of remote locations and, in the new digital environment, the old nine-to-five approach is becoming obsolete. The world doesn’t stop and approval delays can make the difference between new business and lost business.

It’s never been more important to:

  • Provide systems for remote access to documents and to digitally capture and store new documents as they’re created.
  • Provide access to Business Process workflows to avoid delayed approvals and lost paper documents.