Great office interiors start with you. We work with your team to define your needs and then develop a comprehensive design solution that enables us to deliver exceptional results.

Our core belief is that great work happens in great places and Default Company supports this through a robust offering of services including:

  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Service & Warranty
  • Asset Management, Budgeting, and Depreciation
  • Leasing & Finance Solutions
  • Multiple leading furniture brands. Please visit our On-line Store to see our full line of products.

Design Services:

Working with the highest quality manufacturers, we prepare and then deliver work environments that are research-based, human-centered, and problem-solving. Through our diverse offering of office furniture and many years of design expertise, we bring office spaces to life.

Whether it’s reworking an existing space or a brand new facility, we will consider traffic flow, meeting space requirements, optimized equipment locations, power and data access points. Our design software helps you visualize layout and furniture options, spinning, zooming, and panning through the virtual office environment. As different options are selected our software tracks the impact on cost to ensure you stay within your budget.

Delivery & Installation Services:

As soon as the layout is finalized and orders with suppliers placed we’ll already be planning and preparing for the installation and setup of your new office space. Our experienced team of installers work closely with you and our project planning team to ensure the installation is exactly the way you wanted it.

Our installers follow predetermined procedures for unpacking, waste packing material disposal, staging, and assembly in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, we ensure placement of furniture and equipment is fully in accordance with the plans and the virtual tour you originally signed-off on.

The delivery schedules and project plan are fully coordinated between us and your site manager and the installation will be completed with adequate supervision, equipment, and permits. Our installation services don’t just begin when your new furniture is delivered. We fully plan the installation, including site preparation and existing furniture removal and disposal as required.

After installation, your new office space will be left in pristine condition with all furniture clean, polished, and inspected to ensure no scratches or other damage.

Leasing and Financing Solutions:

We recognize setting up a new office or renovating a new one can result in a significant capital expenditure. To help with your financing requirements we can offer competitive rates and finance structures. This can help make your entire office interior solution more affordable and can be structured to include the complete service including the space planning, design services, freight, delivery, and installation.

Service & Warranty Commitment:

Our scheduled maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, and stain-prevention treatments as required. In the event of any warranty issues, our certified technicians will promptly inspect and repair on site or provide a replacement as necessary.

We also provide services to repair broken or damaged furniture, re-upholster, touch-up painted surfaces, repair scratches, and refinish wood surfaces.

To help maintain the long-term value of your investment, we can even refurbish existing furniture to like-new condition and match to any changes to new décor and furnishings.

Asset Management, Budgeting, & Depreciation:

We understand your business environment can change rapidly meaning the needs in your office facilities will also undergo change. This may lead to furniture and equipment moving from one location to another and, before you know it, you’ve lost track of where it is.

Our web-based asset management tool can connect all your offices and keep track of all the equipment you’ve invested in. Whether you’ve self-financed or lease-financed the investment in your office equipment, you owe it to yourself to keep track of where your investments are, who’s using them, who’s responsible for them, and where they stand on your capital expenditure depreciation schedules.

Please visit our On-line Store to see our full line of products.